A Level Tuition


I can teach any A level syllabus (I have experience with all of them). I tailor make study plans and can work towards any specific goal you have, from help with a resit, specific piece of work, or teaching the entire course as an independent student (which I've done extremely successfully with many students). My teaching style is flexible, and the pace, content, and depth of teaching will depend on your needs, abilities, goals, and learning style, and will always be aimed at supporting your growth. 

I usually conduct sessions online (via Skype). I am based in St. Anne's in Bristol and can teach from my home. I can offer sessions at your home or an appropriate place, if you are within the Bristol/Glastonbury/Bath/Frome area, or along the M4 corridor towards London, and I charge half my usual rate for travel time.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate looking for help with any aspect of your degree, get in touch with details of what I can help with. This could be understanding content or catching up with missed lectures, proof-reading coursework or help with essays, and revision and exam preparation, as well as extra help with dissertations or research projects. I offer support for self-taught courses of study including the University of London International Programme. I can cover most core subjects at an undergraduate level, and topics within my areas of specialty beyond that, so please mention the topics you'd like to cover, and if I am not the best person to help with the specific topic and level, I may be able to recommend someone who is. 

Get in touch with your enquiry

"I registered with the University of London International Programme, and on the basis of a strong recommendation from Dr. Stephen Law, I began working with Dr. Lovesey. Her feedback on my philosophy essays was far more detailed, and far more extensive, than anything I had expected and previously experienced. Each essay I sent to her came back replete with probing questions, thought-provoking challenges to my arguments, reinforcement and encouragement where I’d done something well, and helpful suggestions for further exploration of the topics on which I working. But in addition to the specifically philosophical content of her feedback, I can say without hesitation that her writing tips were among the best I’d ever received, and they still guide my work today. Distance learning comes with a unique set of non-academic challenge as well, and Dr. Lovesey’s encouragement during the tough times (which I suspect all distance learning students experience) especially demonstrated to me the commitment she has to her students’ success. I’m confident that I would not have progressed as far as I have as a student of philosophy - and certainly would not have performed as well as I have on my exams! – had I not been her student, and I look forward to studying with her until I complete my BA!" -  Eric DeJardin, North Providence RI

“Joanne has been a fantastic tutor for my daughter. She has a friendly and approachable style and was able to immediately grasp the key areas of learning that needed to be addressed. She facilitated discussion to expand thinking and give essential advice on the art of essay writing which boosted her by a whole grade almost instantly. Thank you Joanne.”  - Nikki Vigor

“Joanne Lovesey tutored my son Alex, who is Aspergic, when he decided to change academic direction after his A-level years studying sciences. He wanted to study for A-level philosophy during his gap year and Joanne proved a very adept tutor. The proof was in the pudding, with Alex being awarded an A* grade (better than his previous sciences), including A2 unit marks of 100% and 98%. This ensured he was accepted at University College London. I think working with Joanne was ideal. In particular, she was at pains to sharpen up his thinking and his writing, helping him to write in ways appropriate for the discipline of philosophy. She was also very patient in keeping him on track. I found Joanne admirably well organised not only in dealing with Alex, but also with me as a "concerned person". I have no hesitation in recommending her.”  - Andrew Mair

“Joanne Lovesey gave my daughter Izabela private lessons. Izabela was offered a place at New College, Oxford conditional on getting a grade A in a Philosophy A-level. Izabela was attempting to do an entire A Level independently and in less than five months. Izabela had never written A Level type answers in English. With her help Izabela got a grade A* in her Philosophy A-Level and as a result secured her place at Oxford. There is no question whatsoever that she would not have been successful without the careful guidance and excellent tuition given by Joanne. Joanne made a rapid assessment of Izabela's strengths and weaknesses, and tailored her teaching accordingly. Without undermining Izabela's confidence, Joanne completely changed the style and presentation of her work to address the needs of the syllabus and examination format. She then taught her the correct way to address, develop and answer questions in philosophy. She pitched her teaching to a level that Izabela could handle but which at the same time stretched her, and as a result there was rapid and sustained improvement in her work. This approach was crucial in developing Izabela's technique and her belief that she could succeed. Finally, I should say that Izabela has said to me more than once, how useful the skills and techniques that she acquired through studying A-level philosophy with Joanne have proved in her studies at Oxford. Overall, I genuinely think that Joanne Lovesey made a decisive difference to my daughter's education and prospects and that Joanne is a gifted and inspirational teacher.” - Patric Stanley