I offer consultancy on any aspect of the course for most Philosophy and Religious Studies specifications. I offer bespoke packages to cater to any gap in knowledge, expertise, or experience, to support all teachers in becoming skilled at delivering the syllabus, so that students can excel. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

INSET training for teachers

I offer teacher training during INSETS or workshops, master classes, or talks, flexibly throughout the year. This can be tailored to specifically meet the needs of your staff. A day or half day at your school can be created through consultation by selecting sessions from a range of options to best meet the needs of your staff. It could include:

- Master Class on any topic or aspect of the syllabus content.

This is ideal for those unfamiliar with the topics and for deepening knowledge, especially for the more technical parts of the specification. Even for teachers with a philosophy degree, some topics on the syllabus may not have been learnt before, and this is a great way to stay a few steps ahead of even your brightest students and be able to stretch and challenge them.  

- Philosophical methodology, terminology, and logic.

For teachers without formal philosophical training, this is an efficient way to grasp the underlying methods and concepts that will give a solid ability to engage with the material in any area of the specification in a more proficient way. The clarity can improve teaching, and it also enables these things to be passed on to the students too. The instant improvement in students from being taught some explicit methodology is profound. Learning some simple techniques that can be applied widely in many areas of the syllabus gives a sense of deeper understanding than that usually gained from study of separate areas.

- Specific and well-tested methods for exam technique and essay writing.

There have been frequent changes in the syllabus, which can make it difficult to keep on top of the precise demands. I can shorten the path to being able to offer detailed, specific, and concrete advice for how students can make the best of examinations, including short-cuts, tips, and resources, and also detailed and precise guidance for writing excellent essays, with examples.

- Inspiring lessons.

Especially useful where students have lost motivation or are otherwise not engaged, and for teachers new to teaching philosophy looking for ways to approach the subject. Teaching ideas, suggestions, resources, and approaches that engage students and grab their interest. This includes finding ways to tap into the innate curiosity of students, by using real-world examples, linking to the "big" questions, and involving them during lessons in interesting ways. 

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"I was so impressed with what she had been able to achieve that I invited Joanne to work with me  in delivering conferences for students and training for teachers. When rewriting the textbooks for A level philosophy in 2014, it was immediately to Joanne that I turned when I needed help on compiling the glossary, knowing I could trust her work completely. I know several hundred A level philosophy teachers; Joanne must be among the very best of them. She has an outstanding record for achieving very high results for all her A level students."

- Michael Lacewing (Textbook Author, Director of ALP)  

"I attended a teacher training day at Bournemouth school for girls in September 2017 and found it a most illuminating day. Our school had achieved fairly poor results on the AS AQA Philosophy course in the summer.  Doctor Lovesey seemed to slot everything into place and made a difficult course interesting and possible and she gave both of us hope that we could do a better job with the A2 part of the course. She went though the content and gave us pointers on exam performance. We all thought very highly of her and thought the day with her was far better than some of the other training courses we had attended. We enjoyed this training day so much that when the opportunity of a student conference arose, we jumped at the chance." 

- Mr Browning (Bishop Wordsworth’s School)

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