I am a qualified hypnotherapist specialising in academic success...

I hate to see capable students do poorly because they struggle with some aspect of the assessment methods, or with fitting their unique strengths into the current educational system and structure. It is a shame if otherwise exceptional individuals are held back because of related issues, or are let down by weaknesses in easily improved areas. This has motivated me to engage in further training so I can offer a more holistic approach to teaching. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of things that can make all the difference when it comes to academic performance.

I can help with...

Memory and concentration - learning techniques and strategies to improve these skills under hypnosis hugely increases the efficiency of skill training.

Anxiety and stress - Deadlines and exams can be challenging, but hypnotherapy can help implement instant improvements in your state of mind, making everything you do much easier. I can also help with some health issues related to this, e.g. headaches or tension, poor posture, and can boost your immune system to help prevent illness too. However, you should always consult a doctor if you have physical symptoms.

Public speaking confidence and interviews - Using powerful visualisation and affirmation tools you can overcome any blocks to being a confident, authoritative and effective public speaker. 

Exam nerves - By focusing on your specific concerns hypnotherapy can help you to transform any nerves into positive motivation, and exams can even become enjoyable.

Discipline organisation and study skills - Anything that you know you should do but struggle to follow through with can become a new habit by using hypnotherapy. I can help you identify positive strategies and make them a reality for yourself.

Other areas - Anything else that you think hypnotherapy might help you with, just get in touch to discuss it.

What to expect in a hypnotherapy session...

Preparation - You will fill in a simple questionnaire. Based on this and our initial consultation I will tailor make a hypnotherapy script for your individual session. This will be totally personal to you.

Initial consultation - This is an opportunity to discuss what you'd like to achieve in more detail, and how you are comfortable going about meeting your targets through hypnotherapy. I'll ask questions that both help you think about the issue constructively in more detail, and help me to build a picture of how best to tailor your session to achieve your goal. We'll talk through the process, allow for any questions, and mutually agree on a plan. The plan will be totally under your control, and you have the final say in every stage of the process. I merely guide you, using my experience to help it to be as efficient and effortless as possible.

The session - Once we are clear on your goals and you are ready to make the necessary changes, you can get comfortable and relax whilst I deliver your script. Everything in the script that you subconsciously agree with and accept will be absorbed on a deep level. This allows for instant positive change. The session is recorded and you get a copy of this so you can use it for self-hypnosis in the future. Once you have had the chance to enjoy the hypnotic relaxation and take on all the positive suggestions, you will be able to wake fully to a refreshed and energised state and although I am always available for a short time after sessions, you'll very soon be ready to carry on with your day. 

Homework - Depending on the goals of your session, it may be most useful to you to do some tasks or exercises between sessions. This might be as simple as listening to the recorded sessions again in your own time (e.g. at bedtime), or implementing the new habits you are building, but will be mutually agreed.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How does hypnotherapy work? - A hypnotherapy session induces a hypnotic trance, which is just a way of saying that it relaxes you to a point where your mind can just wander and your conscious critical mind can have a break from the cycles and patterns that it ordinarily enacts. Whilst in this state, because of this relaxation, positive suggestions that you want to be part of your belief, behaviour, and emotional networks, actually have the opportunity to be accepted by the deeper levels of your mind. This means that you can change the habit patterns of the mind, the automatic emotional reactions, and the behaviours that result from these two influences. 

Will I be in control? - Yes. You will remain aware of what is going on during the session and can stop any time, and can reject any suggestions that you don't want to accept. Of course, I will only make suggestions that you have already agreed to, so you should feel comfortable accepting all suggestions made in the session, which is the aim. You do remain in complete control though.

Can I be hypnotised? - Some people believe that they cannot be hypnotised, but this is usually because of a misunderstanding about what hypnotism is. If you want to be hypnotised, you will be. If you are unwilling, then no-one can hypnotise you against your will.
Are there any dangers? - The short answer is no. You'll be completely safe at all times. If you have specific concerns, you can always ask for more information.

How many sessions will I need? - Often one session is enough, especially if you are committed to using your recording and implementing the changes made in that session. Sometimes two, three, or four sessions are useful, depending on the goal and the issue.

What do you charge? - All sessions include a consultation,  a personal plan, and specially written scripts, as well as a recording of your session to use for self-hypnosis. For existing regular students of mine, hypnotherapy can be used as part of, or in place of our regular scheduled session and not charged at an additional cost. For casual or new students the rates for a hypnotherapy session are as follows. 
         First session:  £100 (This includes a 2 hour session to accommodate a longer consultation.)
         Subsequent sessions: £65 (This includes a 90 minute session.)
My policy on offering discounted or pro-bono sessions where I can applies here too, so if you feel you would benefit from a hypnotherapy session with me but cannot afford these rates, please get in touch.

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