Teaching Experience

I have been teaching A level philosophy for 8 years. I know exactly what it takes to excel and how to teach this in a straightforward and engaging way, and most of my students have achieved A or A* grades. Some of these achievements reflect very impressive improvements, and I take on students of all abilities. I can teach content from any A level syllabus, and can coach on exam technique and essay writing technique for any exam board, which can have a big effect on final results. I can teach those entering exams independently, and support those studying at school or college. In addition to private tuition and the conference teaching at schools around the country, I've also taught as a secondary Religion and Philosophy teacher in an excellent independant school.
 I’ve taught at the Undergraduate level for 6 years, giving lectures, seminars, and tuition to undergraduates. I will tailor the style, pace, content, and depth of teaching to support your growth,  which will depend on your needs, abilities, goals, and learning style. I can offer support on an individual essay or dissertation, or ongoing support in a variety of ways. I offer support for self-taught courses of study including the University of London International Programme.


I gained a first-class degree from the University of Reading, a BPhil (two year research and taught postgraduate degree) from Merton College, Oxford University, and a PhD from the University of London.

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My Story

I come from a large, low-income, single parent family, and went to a local comprehensive state school. I didn't meet my full potential at school, and after finishing my A levels I spent four years gaining valuable worldly experience through work and travel, and completed some independent study, including an A level in English Literature. I then secured a place at Reading University to study Philosophy as a mature student, and taught myself a huge array of academic skills. The fact that I independently learnt how to be a learner gave me a clear and explicit grasp on what this involves, and how to do it well. Having gained a First-Class mark, I secured a place on the extremely competitive BPhil at Oxford University - the most prestigious and gruelling philosophy course in the world. I learnt here what it takes to succeed in the academic system, and how to be a world class philosopher. I am now confident that I can teach these skills to anyone who wants to learn, and have a passion for helping people to excel and make the most of their potential.

Whilst at Oxford the majority of students were from independent schools, and from well-off families. I came to see this discrepancy as being partly a result of fewer opportunities for development being afforded to certain young people.  This is when I began to think about how I could help, and one result, is that I now offer reduced rates to low-income students, and I offer pro-bono tuition to those in need who could benefit from my help, as well as volunteer myself in schools and public arenas when I have the opportunity to bring education to as many people as I can. I accept donations to help me in this work (see the Donate tab above to contribute).

During my PhD, I worked close to full time as a Philosophy teacher, lecturing at several Universities and developing a strong independent student base from A level to postgraduate. Time and time again I achieved excellent results. I noticed that many students who came to me with poor performance were not always struggling with the material itself, but were finding the format of the contemporary learning environment difficult, due to things like exam stress. I realised that I could help my students more if I could not only teach the content of  the course, but could help them with all aspects of academic performance, so I trained as a hypnotherapist. I can now offer sessions to improve things like: exam nerves; poor memory; poor concentration; low confidence or self-esteem; poor organisation or time-management; low motivation; anxiety; interview preparation; long-term goal setting/aspirations.